PTG Digital Solutions

Data Analysis

  • Big data consulting
  • Data science consulting
  • Information we can assist in analysis both structured data, and unstructured data
For clients who have a mass data but do not know how to analyze or effectively use it, we provide a single or regular insight report. For clients who are just about start digital transformation, we can help you start from scratch

We use the methods of data exploration, statistics, machine learning and deep learning to analyze your data. And give you insightful analysis reports to help you optimize supply chain, customer behavior and increase productivity.

Data Visualization

  • Health check of your existing data visualization solution
  • Develop visualization solution from scratch
  • Data visualization solutions is easy-to-use but the initial training is required
Data visualization is an indispensable part of digitalization.
We provide customized visualization solutions to assist our clients with management issues.

Software Development

  • Software Development
  • Software Solution
  • Maintenance
We will built an extensible architecture and prototypes to meet your needs. Our team will continuously improve and test the system according to your usage habits and needs.

After the quality test is completed, the system can still expand the required functions and information according to your needs. And continue to give you the assistance and maintenance of the system.

Strategy Consulting

  • Long-term strategy planning
  • Turn data into actionable insights
  • MECE(Mutually Exclusive Collectively Exhaustive) principle
We provide strategic advice to ensure that these BI and digitalization solutions fully meet yo needs. If you are experiencing difficulties in current operations, we can also help you improve and provide more solutions. No matter how hard the situation is, we can help.

Pressure-test the Strategy

  • Strategy simulation to identify possible causes at each level of the strategy.
  • Build situational awareness
  • Form diverse, strategic groups
Using war games to focus better on competitors, while improving the way they identify, shape, and seize opportunities to grow.